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Common Symptoms of Household Mold – Get a quote from our mold damage restoration company

In nature, mold, mildew and fungus deteriorate dead organic material and deposit nutrients into the soil around them, but can bring their share of problems if you let them grow in your home. in your home. There are a variety of kinds that thrive in your home. Many of these molds do well in dark, moist regions in your home such as inside walls or floors or spots in your laundry room. Luckily, these types of mold are generally innocent, but a little spot may later turn into a big problem. Mold procreates with the use of spores freed into the air and causes problems when breathed in by people with mold sensitivities or respiratory issues. Hire an affordable mold damage repair company.

Common mold is not a problem for a majority of people, but can hurt those with respiratory issues. Mold sensitivities are common for a lot of the population and strike on different occasions depending on the density of mold. Sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and similar flu-like reactions are most often seen with mold and mildew allergies, making it hard to target the problem accurately. The most serious reactions include difficulty breathing. Mold and mildew can also trigger asthma attacks too. Additional groups at risk include:

  • Infants and toddlers
  • The elderly
  • Immune compromised individuals
  • People with chronic pulmonary disease

Can I Avoid Mold?

Thankfully, you can take measures around your home to eliminate and keep out mold and mildew. Paul Davis Restoration mold repair contractors suggest periodically checking your air conditioning tray, weatherproofing and insulating openings to the outside. Mold flourishes in wet areas of your home, like laundry rooms or crawlspaces, so consistently sanitizing these areas can provide more help than you’d realize. Mold loves humid surroundings, so implementing dehumidifiers in your home will dry out the area and make it unsuitable for spreading.

We also suggest getting full service mold repair from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting assistance from a highly trained contractor will return your home to normal, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Get a quote from a mold damage repair company.

Affordable Quotes for Mold Repair

At Paul Davis, our professionals have extensive training and certification to eliminate problematic spores and mold quickly and effectively. We offer affordable quotes for great mold removal services for homes and businesses earning us a national reputation.

The Paul Davis team provides affordable quotes for 24/7 emergency response and arrive on the scene only hours after you contact us. The responders you’ll meet are equipped with advanced technology that destroys and cleans the areas damaged by mold. We send our capable contents cleaning and containment, as well as thorough sanitation and odor removal when we respond to your home. Paul Davis works hard to serve you and your family after mold restoration, so we also work with your insurer during the claims process. If you suspect your home is hiding mold or has taken on mold damage, call the mold repair professionals at Paul Davis Restoration. Call Paul for an affordable quote today!