Household Mold & Common Symptoms – Get an affordable mold damage repair company

Mold is important in the ecosystem, but is a problem if it enters your home. Similar to the wild, there are many species that happily live in homes. A majority of these mildews, molds and fungi love damp, obscured regions in your home such as inside walls or floors or hidden regions of your bathroom. Fortunately, these types of mold are mostly easy to ignore, but a little spot can spread across your home. When mold reproduces, it releases spores into the air which can cause sickness if inhaled by anyone with mold sensitivities or respiratory issues. Hire an affordable mold damage repair contractor.

Household mold or mildew are harmless for most people, but can be harmful for those with breathing issues. Usually, the concentration of mold and sensitivity of a person’s allergies will effect their reaction. If you have a mold allergy, you’ll likely have cold-like symptoms like sneezing or a runny nose when you’re around mold. More severe allergies can cause harsh reactions such as difficulty breathing. Those with asthma need to be especially careful around large populations of mold because it can cause asthma attacks. Additional groups at risk include:

  • Infants and toddlers
  • Those 65 and up
  • Immune sensitive individuals
  • Those with chronic lung disease

Keeping Mold Out

The good news is there are methods you can follow around your home to eliminate and avoid mold and mildew. Keep mold out of your home completely by periodically cleaning your air conditioning tray, sealing and adding insulation to openings to the outside. Mold and mildew thrive in damp places around your home, such as bathrooms or crawlspaces, so consistently sanitizing these places helps more than you’d think. Mold loves warm, damp surroundings, so implementing dehumidifiers in your home can dry out the area and make it unsuitable for reproduction.

We also recommend getting trained mold restoration from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting assistance from a certified team can return your home to its natural state, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Get an afforable quote from a mold damage repair contractor.

Affordable Mold Damage Restoration Quotes

The technicians at Paul Davis have extensive training and certification to make sure that problematic spores and colonies of mold are removed fast, safely and completely. Our team provides affordable quotes for quality mold removal services for homes and businesses unlike any other in the area.

The Paul Davis staff performs affordable quotes for emergency response services all day, every day and get to your home within hours of you contact us. The responders on the scene are equipped with advanced technology that kills and cleans the areas damaged by mold. You also get capable contents cleaning and perimeter containment, as well as thorough sanitation and odor treatment when we remove the problem. Paul Davis works hard to assist your home and loved ones in the days after mold restoration, so we also provide assistance with the insurance claims process. If you’ve encountered mold or damage from mold at your home, connect with the mold restoration specialists at Paul Davis Restoration. Call our team for an affordable quote today!