Houston, TX Flood Damage Removal

Flooding in your home is caused by situations such as storms and flash flooding, broken plumbing and faulty appliances. Unlike simple water damage, floods invade whole levels in your property. Thankfully, Paul Davis Restoration experts are experienced in removing this type of damage. This is why we offer around the clock flood damage cleaning to properties throughout the Houston, TX region. Along with quick and correctly executed restoration, we can also assist you with the claims process.

What to Expect with Flood Damage Clean Up

Before we getting started, we reach on the scene promptly to perform an assessment of the damage. We tell you how severe the situation is, how much it may cost and how long the restoration may take. With our extensive experience in flood damage repair throughout Houston, we are qualified to give the closest quote.

Draining the Area

We quickly start eliminating stagnant flood water from your space as soon as you consent to our cost quote. To drain all the water we can, the Paul Davis staff uses water pumps. The chances of dangerous mold growth decreases once this clean up procedure is finished. With the help of moisture detectors, we can find concealed water between the walls and under floors.

Clearing the Air

Your rooms may not be completely ready, even after removing most of moisture. Depending on the severity of the flood damage, we may have to clean space below the floor. We accelerate the ventilation process with air blowers and dehumidifiers. We work carefully during the entire process to prevent worse damage from mold or remaining water.

Deodorizing the Affected Area

Even when the water and residue from flooding goes, the smell can cling to the atmosphere. If you get professional help from Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX, you can avoid the smell from sticking to any fabrics affected by the flooding like curtains and furniture.

Remodeling and Restoration

Whether flooding came from artificial or natural sources, the damage they leave can cripple your property with water stains, stripped wallpaper and warped doorways. This could leave you overwhelmed with the amount of restoration needed to be completed. If you call Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX, you can feel confident our trained experts can reverse the flood damage in and outside.

Call Us Immediately

Flood damage of any kind can be hard to deal with, however relief is on the way from the specialists with Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX. Our team goes the extra mile to remove property damage on drywall, wiring and more. We know that living with damage can be hard, so we collaborate with you during filing insurance claims. Reserve a quote today to get started.