Conroe, TX Storm Damage Contractors

The Southeast and TX are notorious for crazy weather. Hurricanes, funnel clouds and ice, weather damage cause damage in several various forms. If terrible weather harms your roof, siding or scatters major shrapnel around your property, it can be difficult to know when to begin working. Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX work hard to begin recovering from storm damage around your property if serious storms hit.

Storm Damage Repair Quote

Decades of practice in Conroe has provided the Paul Davis Restoration team with the knowledge needed to respond to storm damage. Our contractors are ready to deliver reasonable and accurate quotes for damage caused by all varieties of storms. Our quotes include the amount of time and money you can anticipate to reverse damage from the storm. Whether it’s roof repair or remedying wind damage, you can rely on Paul Davis Restoration. Our team is licensed and bonded through TX, always available to help your property. To go the extra step, we help with your insurance claims process.

What We Do

Repair for Roofs

In the case of high winds, damaging rain or dangerous debris, your roof might deal with serious harm through a storm. The roofing contractors with Paul Davis in Conroe are readily available to replace shingles or your whole roof. We move quickly and efficiently to leave your roof good as new.

Damage from Wind

Whether it’s from a strong tornado or tropical storm, wind is a powerful force of nature. After the storm, you might find damage such as torn siding, littered debris or removed shingles.

Circuit Mending

Everyone requires electricity to stay warm, cook meals and be happy. However, your wiring is weak against heavy wind, flooding and flying debris. The Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX team of contractors is ready for intricate or simple rewiring after the storm.


Storms are seriously destructive for homes and businesses in Conroe. Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX conducts reconstruction help and rebuilding help in the instance that your property sustained damage by a storm. No matter what the size of the damage, we can restore your property.

We also offer water and mold damage restoration services.