Restore your Records and Films with Paul Davis Restoration of North Houston, TX

Properties throughout Friendswood are prone to floods, fires and other disasters. Although the brick and mortar structures are the first to be repaired, how do you help the photos within? If the damage is severe enough, goods such as passports or contracts are almost impossible to restore on your own. Paul Davis Restoration has helped clients throughout the Friendswood area save their valuable records. Our staff has years of specialized training in paper recovery technology. Talk to us to schedule a consultation.

How We Can Help

Paul Davis specialists have training in document restoration, making us a leader in damage restoration for business and home recovery in the Friendswood area. We use advanced equipment from our specialty facility to renew your films and archives after damage from a disaster. Some of the most common restoration projects include:

  • Books, Catalogs, Screenplays
  • Archives, Special Collections
  • Audio and Video Tapes
  • Blueprints, Drawings, Maps, Plans
  • X-rays
  • Print and Digital Photographs

How We Treat Documents & Photos

There are different solutions to save your photos and documents depending on what caused the damage. For items exposed to water, we methods such as vacuum-freeze dryers and thermal vacuum-freeze dryers created to revive books, records and paper materials. These methods normally restore your items without more action needed. For smoke-damaged documents or photos, Paul Davis has neutralization methods such as particulate removal sponges and ionized air washing.

We will also straighten, realign or trim papers to eliminate portions of the permanent damage. Realignment and framing services are a portion of what we do to help. Our other services include, re-jacketing books, document copying and imaging and de-acidification.

Work with Paul for Document & Photo Recovery

If your family or business falls victim to a fire or flood, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces. Paul Davis Restoration will sort, clean and save your archives and photos so you can get your life back to normal again. Get more information this and our other services by calling us or contacting us online.